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How it works

How it works

A decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator is an application that connects to multiple decentralized exchanges and consolidates liquidity from various sources into a single interface. It allows you to trade digital assets across different decentralized platforms without the need to visit each exchange individually.

EtaSwap is platform to find the best prices and optimal routes for executing trades, this is the single entrypoint to swap tokens across all exchanges in Hedera ecosystem.

Our journey ahead

At EtaSwap, we're committed to continuous innovation and growth. Here's a glimpse of what's on our roadmap:
  • Q3 2023
  • Q4 2023
  • Q1 2024
    • Release EtaSwap V2 smart-contracts (with support of SaucerSwap V2)
    • Implementing smart-routing (indirect swaps / multi-hop swaps)
    • Constructing API for integration EtaSwap to wallets/DApps
  • Q2 2024
    • Basic statistics (DefiLlama integration)
    • Redesign
    • Implementing split-swaps
    • Integration of WalletConnect
  • Q3 2024
    • Advanced statistics (transactions/volumes)
    • Implementing cross-DEX swaps
    • And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we aggregate SaucerSwap (V1 and V2), Pangolin, HeliSwap, and HSuite. But we always open to add new exchanges if something appears in Hedera ecosystem. Feel free to contact us to add another DEX.

No, DEX aggregator not supposed to work as DEX. It's just looking for a best prices among liquidity providers.

EtaSwap is taking pretty small fee (0.3%) per each transaction. More explanation about fees in documentation.

Yes, EtaSwap fully transparent and open-source project. Source code of EtaSwap available on Github. We appreciate any kind of participation, feel free to open issues, ask questions or make pull requests.

How it works

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